Our Culture


When it comes to your brand, we keep our eye on the prize. Consider us an ally, wholly invested in your brand’s success and longevity. We dig deep to understand your intention and carefully curate the best ways to deliver that message to your audience. We believe in design done right, resulting in a balanced and accurate visual reflection of your brand for all the world to see. We could have just said “We give a damn” but our SEO guy wouldn’t go for it.


We are driven by our curiosity and our desire to serve our community. Our most creative work is accomplished when minds are open and we can reach for the moon. Strategy is clear, design is inspired, projects are smooth-sailin’, and all-is-right with the world.

Our Team

  • Sarah Presson

    Founder / Creative Director

  • Elisabeth Baellow

    Director of Operations

  • Megan Lane

    Senior Designer

  • Travis Halff

    Business Development & Brand Strategy

    Travis Halff
  • Drew Liverman


    Drew Liverman
  • Kendall Hanna


    Kendall Hanna


We respect specialists and operate our agency on the belief that doing a bit of everything means you probably aren’t doing anything well. We partner with other firms, who we know and trust, in order to provide our clients with top-notch work, even if it isn’t a part of our core skillset.