Steps to create a Computer Contamination

Creating a computer virus is a difficult task, however it is also the and entertaining experience. Posting computer viruses is an excellent way to find out more on computer operating systems, programming ‘languages’, and network security.

Computer system viruses happen to be self-replicating courses. They will modify programs and other documents on a computer system without the wearer’s knowledge. Additionally, they steal private information. This can incorporate credit card numbers and includes. They can also log pressed keys. Some malware are designed to damage files or perhaps programs, while others are designed to gain access to very sensitive information.

To be able to create a malware, you need to know the right way to write a computer program in a unique programming dialect. Some popular programming different languages include Python, PHP, and C/C++.

Once you understand how to click this over here now write a put in one of these dialects, you will be able to create a virus that can be run on any kind of operating system. You can even create a pathogen that will infect other applications. You will need to learn about how precisely to bundle the screenplay as an executable. When you aren’t a programmer, you may use notepad or another code publisher to write the script.

A lot of viruses are made to steal money, while others are designed to steal private data. There are also infections designed to shape data, tainted data, and display threatening messages. These types of viruses are sometimes designed by negative employees or criminal organizations.

Computer viruses will be self-replicating, plus they may spread throughout multiple computers. The most common means for viruses to spread is certainly through email attachments. They can become spread through physical advertising and marketing.

Creative Web Development

Over the years, our brand studio has designed over 75 websites. While creative work is our main squeeze, we understand and value the impact a positive and engaging web experience can bring to any business or organization.

Creative application of color, type and brand graphics within a web design can make all the difference in the world. We’ve seen that transformation first hand, and it’s what keeps us inspired.

With a thorough content strategy process, the sites we build are easily navigable with digestible information on each page. The brand application atop such a thoughtful plan makes for a beautifully customized user experience.

We set the bar high and ask our clients to do the same. Why hit the ball into the outfield when you can hit a home run?!?

Take a look at these projects to see what difference a creative approach can make.

Brand with Continuity

One thing we’ve noticed when working with festivals and non-profit organizations is the clumsy attempt to keep things fresh year-to-year.  Every annual event has an entirely new look, often abandoning the brand (if one even existed to begin with).

Our approach to this issue is to simply build a better brand.  If done right, the visual identity will consider the organization’s needs, including annual events and galas. A collection of graphic assets, like custom illustrations, photography or iconography, make for an easier marketing effort.

Any communications or marketing manager would agree, if a solid brand is created and a knowledgeable team is ready to execute another year’s worth of media… and do it well, their job is much easier and milestones are more easily achieved. Our agency isn’t the only vendor you’ll need, but the collaboration is palpable, and with a network of seasoned photographers, videographers, writers, illustrators and strategists, we can deliver exceptional results.

As we created the new brand for ATX TV and its primary program, ATX TV Festival – we developed a system within the brand to accommodate for new ‘Seasons’.  Launching with Season 11, the logo resembles a play/pause icon… perfectly appropriate for this modern TV obsessed crowd.  In the coming years, the 11 can be replaced with the next number and the design can replace the play/pause to continually update merchandise as well as event experiential graphics.

With non-profit organizations, like I Live Here I Give Here, fresh creative is sought annually for programming.  Without a strong brand, communications teams often purchase stock graphics and sacrifice any continuity or unique application. In our approach we developed an illustration style and various shapes to complement each program within the organization while providing flexibility to grow the graphic system and create different pairings as needed.

An initial investment in curating graphics and collecting imagery helps get the brand off the ground, but continual evolution helps keep it in the air. We believe in trusting the process, while allowing for thorough exploration at the right times. Kicking-off a branding process is one of those times, when forethought can develop an exhaustive library of assets.  As time goes by, some of these assets may be utilized less, and new pieces may cycle in – but with more to measure against, the new additions will likely stand true to the brand.

Gage Honors

The site we launched for Gage Hotel has been well received – and thanks to any of you whose votes brought us an Honorable Mention by Awwwards.

The Gage site was also recently featured on Orpetron, an awards platform that honors agencies who innovate and inspire the web design world by providing meaningful user experience, innovative design, and solid development.  

We’re also thrilled to be listed in a Design Rush article featuring the best hotel website designs – take a look here: https://www.designrush.com/best-designs/websites




Art & Design for Arrive Hotel

For the past 5+ years, we have been working closely with the Arrive team to develop a visual identity for their East Austin location. During an initial brand process, we developed a mood-board that inspired ELD founder, Sarah Presson, to develop a full series of collage pieces. 

The collages in this collection are inspired by Texas’s unique physical landscapes (its piney curtains, arid deserts, and endless skies), and the psychic landscapes they engender (open, reflective spaces for cosmic contemplation). An added dash of Tex-Mex flavor and retro Americana elements borrow from a color palette dually inspired by Austin’s seasonal wildflower explosion and those year-round visitors, our bright green monk parakeets!

The team selected 3 pieces for each room and commissioned the ELD team to develop a design for the room dinettes, room keys and a ‘How to East Austin’ guidebook.

The Arrive team chose an arrowhead collage to be printed on the formica tables. With a skull centered in the design, the arrows surrounding were hand cut from various magazines and land satellite images.

The room keys carried by guests are mini art pieces with a text number for the hotel concierge service on the back side. 

Our field guide is informational yet stylish with several custom illustrations and snippets of collage art. It provides hotel guests a pocket reference for exploring Austin’s East side with options for  food, drink, and entertainment within walking distance and slightly beyond.

Check out these articles to learn more:

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Barnstorming with Beto

Join us for “Barnstorming with Beto” at The Long Time on Saturday, April 14th at 2pm.  We’ll be selling our own Beto inspired merch alongside Design Build Adventure, with all proceeds benefitting the campaign.  Advanced ticket purchase is required.  To find out more, check out the event here.

7 Branding Tips

Thinking about developing or evolving your brand?  Check out our guide to a successful branding process.

#1: Hire a Professional

It can be very tempting to look for a DIY or low-cost solution to branding, especially if you are a small business or nonprofit.  Trust us when we say this: It’s worth the investment.  A professional designer will provide you with logo variations for different occasions, font treatments, a color palette, and a Style Guide.  These elements are essential to developing a cohesive and recognizable brand that will stand the test of time.

Continue reading “7 Branding Tips”

Rebranding Austin Corner Vet

As Corner Vet expanded in Austin, a dark cloud named Corner Vet in Houston also grew – as another business, with another owner and another way of providing care.  In order to remain true to our ethos, we decided to re-name and evolve from Corner Vet to not be associated with the other Texas clinics.

As concepts developed, Paz (meaning ‘peace’) became a much better fit for this practice.

Since emanating peaceful vibes is what this practice aims to share with both animal and human clientele, we adopted St. Francis as our patron Saint and symbol and coined ‘Peace to All’ as our new tagline.

Look for the new Paz signs on Cesar Chavez and South 1st in Austin, and take a moment to check out the incredible interiors as well. There is a beautiful painting by Mississippi artist Ginger Williams-Cook in the new S. 1st lobby, and there are are fine art prints throughout the building.

Sweet Unknown

Erika Wennerstrom came by the studio in November and selected a piece of art as an inspiration for her solo tour poster.  The tour, Sweet Unknown, begins in December 2016 and will continue through early 2018.

The piece this poster was derived from can be viewed in Sarah Presson’s fine art portfolio, sarahpresson.com. It was part of a diptych titled ‘The Desert in Bloom’.

Screenprinting by Nakatomi Inc


We are getting ready to open our studio for East Austin Studio Tours over the next 2 weekends, November 12-13 and 19-20. Artwork by Sarah Presson, Nick Schnitzer and Jack Murphy will be displayed throughout the house. The property is 2 acres and we couldn’t help but arrange for a stellar party this year – En Route Production’s ‘Happenstance’ will be happening here on November 19th from 7-11pm.

The night will be ablaze with fire hoop dancers, yoga acrobatics, a live, looping violinist, spontaneous poetry, tarot card readings, tap dancing, bonfires roasting Dai Due hot dogs and s’mores, Live Oak Brewing beer, theatrical shenanigans, beautiful visual art, a DJ and dancing, and a bra burning protest. And it’s Free Fun in Austin! FREE! All are welcome! Viva Art!