Rebranding Austin Corner Vet

As Corner Vet expanded in Austin, a dark cloud named Corner Vet in Houston also grew – as another business, with another owner and another way of providing care.  In order to remain true to our ethos, we decided to re-name and evolve from Corner Vet to not be associated with the other Texas clinics.

As concepts developed, Paz (meaning ‘peace’) became a much better fit for this practice.

Since emanating peaceful vibes is what this practice aims to share with both animal and human clientele, we adopted St. Francis as our patron Saint and symbol and coined ‘Peace to All’ as our new tagline.

Look for the new Paz signs on Cesar Chavez and South 1st in Austin, and take a moment to check out the incredible interiors as well. There is a beautiful painting by Mississippi artist Ginger Williams-Cook in the new S. 1st lobby, and there are are fine art prints throughout the building.



Farmhouse Delivery Branding

We just finished the initial round of designs for the new Farmhouse Delivery Brand.

These folks deliver local farm food to residents in Austin and Houston.

If you are at all interested in eating locally grown food- Join Your Community!

Vuka Site Re-design

We launched the Vuka Co-op website this week.

The new site is built to manage events, community announcements, rental specifications, pricing and a storefront for available furniture.

Check it out at:


We recently Josh Hailey’s new website this week for Photamerica.

Josh will be using the site to post images and video as he continues his journey.

Check it out here:

Working from Seale, AL

A couple weeks ago, I flew to Alabama to start working on the Museum of Wonder site with Butch Anthony. Jeff Moerchen, a photographer from the City of New York was also staying for the week to begin new series of work.

We cooked, slept and worked… even made time for a little graffiti.

The new Museum of Wonder site should be launched in the next couple of weeks- so check back soon!