How to Engage in Creative Design

Creativity requires exploration, discovery, and space to progress. Hopefully this article will give you insight on how to best prepare for your next creative endeavor.

Design agencies work on a variety of projects in-house and are often required to shift gears. The process of refining a site design requires a totally different approach than say, digital illustration or book design, and we are flipping between these approaches daily.  We love the opportunity to develop inspiring and informative graphics.

When given a design request, our team assesses the client’s needs and potential for creative opportunity.  Most collateral follows brand standards, however there are opportunities to use these elements in new ways or implement new illustration & type styles for special occasions. Evaluating the project’s ROI, audience, marketability, and longevity can help in determining what qualifies as a ‘special occasion’.

Beyond gathering details and setting goals, our team will seek clarity before diving into the details.  Who does this piece need to attract? How is the design evoking action or emotion? Where are viewers being directed and what is the next step? There is a mini strategy session within each request.

We all know how eye catching, distinct and high integrity graphics must be to capture the attention of humans in 2019. Why is design time often under-valued?  Identify and prioritize the marketing opportunities you can allot both time and money towards; all other needs may utilize the brand guide for design direction.  When your budget aligns with clarity, time and excitement, the design team is ready for engagement.

As a creative project begins, we toss around ideas and inspirations, develop mood-boards and refine our approach. Once we have identified the direction and feel confident to proceed, we need a little trust and space, much like a plant needs water and sunlight to grow.  Excitement, joy and gratitude are always welcome. There’s nothing more inspiring than developing cool work for a grateful client.

Trust the process, and the progress. Remember that high-craft often takes time to execute.  Sketching may lead to a digital illustration and eventually to a vector graphic. The look will continue to evolve as it is given time to refine.  We’ll bring our intuition, experience & skill to the table as we take a project from Point A to Point C.

It’s tricky to combine art with purpose, and often requires passion (an itch to serve, willingness to suffer & drive to ultimately succeed). Designers are fueled by challenge, but need the stability, clarity and support of our clients to meet the challenge with resolution.

  • “What really stands out to me about your work and the way you work is that it never feels like 'work'.”
    Katrina Hercules
  • “Ya’ll have a unique ability to look inside of your customers, allow them to feel comfortable and imagine them far and away beyond their own imagination.”
    Nicholas M. Vaughan DVM, MBA
    Paz Veterinary
  • “[Their] flexibility in adjusting without displaying any hint of tension was fully appreciated.”
    Donald Genung
    Church of Conscious Harmony
  • “It takes some effort to look like this.”
    Steel Magnolias
  • “If we had selected a large company, it is unlikely that the same flexibility and continued ability to deliver developer components on a timely basis would have occurred.”
    Donald Genung
    Church of Conscious Harmony

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