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Once we have established the brand’s voice and tone, we focus on the look and feel. Image collecting and brainstorm parties help us uncover your brand’s essential qualities.

We match a unique set of features – your logo, typeface, icons, colors, and voice – to the core of your brand, leading a memorable brand “language” to emerge. This is what translates your unique message to the world.

Logo Design

As the symbol for your brand, your logo must be a well-crafted, accurate reflection of your business. When developing concepts, we value quality and hold the bar high. Our best work comes from collaboration with our clients. With their industry knowledge and our design expertise, we deliver results that are both timeless and versatile.

Color Palette & Font Solutions

As the brand becomes clear, we move further into developing color palette and type hierarchy. We test these extensions by developing mockups, refining as needed, until we have a collection of brand assets that feels fitting and harmonious in place.


Illustration allows us to strategically inject character, creativity, and humor. It adds useful tools to a brand’s library and helps us tell bigger stories. What can’t be photographed can often be drawn. Our team can flex their art muscles and create custom illustration for iconography, poster design, patterns and various brand assets.

Style Guide

The Style Guide provides all brand elements laid out in one document, including: the brand voice, primary & secondary logos, additional graphics, typography, color palette (including Pantone information, CMYK and Hex codes) and image treatment directions for all digital and printed material.


From the start of our visual branding work, we create assets with signage in mind. Logos and graphics are designed to avoid complexities that could lead to vendor headaches or machine issues, legibility and utilizing the most fitting materials are considered alongside the durability of the sign structure, and we work closely with vendors to ensure the signage will be constructed and installed within the contractor’s, and inspector’s, timeline.