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We recognize that well established brands and those just starting out have different needs so our process aims to serve both. We want to build an impactful brand identity for your business and consistently reflect its unique character.

Brands with mighty identities are brands that thrive. The sell more, retain loyal followers, and have greater ability to positively impact the world around them.

Research & Insights

It all begins with gaining understanding; we research your audience and competition to set the appropriate goals. With a blend of research methods and technologies, we will provide you with a complete assessment of your audience and the challenges your brand may experience.


Strong brand positioning helps a business stand out from the rest. Consumers have more options than ever. Positioning sets your brand apart and clarifies your unique assets. Through in-person workshops, we’ll establish your unique place in the market, and identity your competitors in the field.


Your company name is the container your brand lives within. A strong name can be something really special and meaningful that begins a valuable relationship with your customers and community members. A company name may or may not describe what the company does, but it reflects what your company believes, behaves, and values. We create successful names by researching, brainstorming, filtering, analysis and validation.


Ethos translates to character in Greek. In the context of branding, ethos is comprised of the traits, culture, mission, vision, and values it embodies. As the connection between a brand and its audience, ethos will help folks see your authenticity and credibility, along with what suits their lifestyle and beliefs.

Voice & Personality

Brand voice is the expression of a brand’s personality through the purposeful use of words and messaging. As the linguistic representation of the brand, the voice is capable of reaching your audience on a subconscious level, affecting the impression and feelings they will associate with you. Through this discovery process, we will create a guide for how the brand acts, speaks, and exists in the world.

Content Strategy & Messaging

Effective communication with your audience is equally as important as your brand’s design. The value of your brand should be reinforced through consistent messaging, creating consumer confidence, trust and willingness to happily invest in your product or service.