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I started working with Amala in 2012 and fell in love with this community. They have the heart it takes to make change and they are actively sharing it with the world.

When I volunteered at The Global Youth Peace Summit in 2012  I noticed there was something really powerful at work in this organization- something greater than the sum of our parts. The summit hosts youth from around the world for one week as they share stories, songs and truth with each other. In this space healing happens, unity is recognized and compassion is put to work.

Branding Amala has been a priority of mine since it became a part of my heart. I know that if they look as legit as the actually are- they’ll have more support than they can dream of.

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“Eye Like Design Helps us connect with the world, Giving a face to our ideas. they focus on a heart-centered, inspired and Holistic Approach. Touchy-Feely meets Professionalism.”

Ryan Jordan

  • “If we had selected a large company, it is unlikely that the same flexibility and continued ability to deliver developer components on a timely basis would have occurred.”
    Donald Genung
    Church of Conscious Harmony
  • “What really stands out to me about your work and the way you work is that it never feels like 'work'.”
    Katrina Hercules
  • “I can't tell you what an awesome, easy experience it has been[...]. We are extremely happy with the updated look! It will really increase our chances at getting national grants, giving us the chance to bring art and social emotional learning to more kids.”
    Kristina Thompson
    Creative Action
  • “Ya’ll have a unique ability to look inside of your customers, allow them to feel comfortable and imagine them far and away beyond their own imagination.”
    Nicholas M. Vaughan DVM, MBA
    Paz Veterinary
  • “A solid and tenacious team [...], producing consistently joyful, unique, and elegantly-built websites.”
    Alaina Chambers
    Lehrmitt Associates

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