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Branding | Development | Strategy | Web Design

COTU is a video platform with curated content built for outdoor enthusiasts as well as a way for compatible companies such as Patagonia and Yeti to increase their product sales from site-provided click thru leads. ELD began at square one with strategy, voice and copywriting, created the visual identity, designed and developed the site, and provided SEO services.

Based on strategy meeting sessions with the COTU team and intensive industry research, we were able to define COTU’s brand personality and create strategy around how to best communicate with its target audience. Our findings in brand voice would go on to shape taglines and copy within the new website.

After going through several iterations of strong logo options we settled on one that best represented COTU’s mission of “sharing the outdoors”, followed by a woodsy color palette and some fun font additions. We carried these styles into the web design and complemented with a custom iconography set and tagline graphics. Development flushed out filtering options for video content and products by activity and added elements of animation to result in a fully responsive site that keeps users entertained, engaged and ultimately excited to get outdoors.