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Delta Millworks

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Since 1985, Delta Millworks has pushed the boundaries of what people expect from a lumber mill. They have earned international recognition with the world’s top architects & designers.

The long history of Delta Millworks, its methods and its people have a built an impressively authentic brand. While they had a logo and website that were working OK for their basic needs, Delta came to us ready to evolve their brand and expand their web presence.

We started with a series of strategy sessions involving interviews with staff and clients, education on their product, and deep research into industry history to determine who and what Delta is made of, delivering a Brand Persona & Voice Guide to help shape the visual evolution and messaging.

We made some minor changes to the Delta logo and major changes to typography and color palette before using the new styles to create an innovative web design, allowing for video content showcasing their unique methods and galleries for project studies and product lines. We created advanced filtering so that users can filter wood products by color, finish and purpose.

With a refreshed identity in place, we went on to carry that brand into their printed materials — business cards, sales catalogs, installation guides, and merchandise.

Delta is “always pioneering” and we love working with them to creatively depict and implement elements of their innovative spirit!

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