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Mission Capital came to Eye Like Design with a new idea to transform the Texas foster care system.  The concept is rooted in the proverb “It takes a village to raise a child,” encouraging new volunteers to take on small but meaningful tasks to help foster children thrive.  From tutoring, to fundraising, to transportation and after-school care, volunteers surround foster families with support.  As the program grows, new foster parents emerge and young people become part of a larger extended family.

In fall 2017, Foster Community was born.  Eye Like Design provided naming, branding, collateral, web design and development.

The custom platform we designed enables foster care organizations to create a profile and set volunteer criteria.  Potential volunteers fill out an online application and get matched with opportunities that fit their interests, skill set, and schedule.  The end result is a user-friendly, modern website that encourages Texans to “be a part of the whole.”

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    Henry Vichmann-Doleshal
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    Alaina Chambers
    Lehrmitt Associates
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    Katrina Hercules
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    Katrina Hercules
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    Nicholas M. Vaughan DVM, MBA
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