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Greg Davis

Branding | Development | Print | Web Design

Greg Davis is a National Geographic Photographer, Filmmaker and Well Aware Ambassador.  He has worked his way from local festivals to international exhibitions.

Eye Like Design has grown Greg’s brand to meet the success with preparedness and suitable, structured presentation.  We designed his website to showcase photography and work as filmmaker and non-profit advocate, while incorporating the influence of numerous cultures he’s captured and the grit of international travel. We went on to design and print a unique press kit based on the stamp-filled passport that he carries.

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We built Greg’s site to represent all aspects of his work, while also serving as a reliable e-commerce solution and informative event calendar.


Greg attends festivals, exhibitions and art fairs around the world.  This booklet was created to allow his works to be collected, his credentials to be known and the specifications to be detailed.  The book has evolved over the years and now includes his 2 documentaries.