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The Hendricks Institute teaches skills for conscious living and loving. They assist people in developing more creativity, love, and vitality in their selves and their relationships. With a commitment to creating a worldwide community and sharing content, the website has become an essential tool for growth and resource sharing.

We began with logo design, branding and iconography, developing a simple shape-based style that represents the 3 brand pillars: Body, Relationships & Big Leaps. Approaching the content-heavy site with simplicity in mind, we integrated a more substantial filter and navigation system that helps to guide visitors to relevant content effectively.



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Website design for the Hendricks Institute
icon design to reflect the 3 fields of expertise

  • “[Their] flexibility in adjusting without displaying any hint of tension was fully appreciated.”
    Donald Genung
    Church of Conscious Harmony
  • “If we had selected a large company, it is unlikely that the same flexibility and continued ability to deliver developer components on a timely basis would have occurred.”
    Donald Genung
    Church of Conscious Harmony
  • “What really stands out to me about your work and the way you work is that it never feels like 'work'.”
    Katrina Hercules
  • “It takes some effort to look like this.”
    Steel Magnolias
  • “This is a really, really fun website.”
    Henry Vichmann-Doleshal

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