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Paz Veterinary

Art | Branding | Development | Print | Signage | Web Design

Paz is a full-service, comfort-minded veterinary service that, since ELD’s first engagement, has quickly grown from one to three Austin locations. Lead vet and owner, Dr. Vaughn, was passionate that his practice should emanate peaceful vibes to share with both animal and human office visitors. This led us to adopt St. Francis as our patron saint and symbol, and coin ‘Peace to All’ as the new tagline.

ELD provided naming, branding, signage, web design & development. We also offered support in vendor coordination and interior design. The result is a cohesive overall brand that is reflected in every inch of Paz’s physical and digital presence. One visit to any of the Paz locations and you’ll understand Dr. Vaughan’s unique version of “Fuzzy Love.”

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