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Plenty Lane

Branding | Strategy | Web Design

New client, Monica, had a business plan in place for a meal sharing platform that she knew could be a landscape-changer, but she needed guidance on getting the ball rolling and turning her concept into a must-use service. 

We started with a research deep dive into comparable services and all relevant industries. With the research foundation behind us, we engaged in a comprehensive brand characteristic assessment to create a brand persona guide that would shape the brand identity, future marketing initiatives and copy for the web app and site. Once we built out the heart and ethos of the brand, we moved into ideating on a name for the venture. The name would need to be eye-catching, joyous, and unique. The final result was Plenty Lane – an idea that combines Monica’s vision of there being plenty to share amongst a neighborhood network. 

The Plenty Lane team wanted a brand that was artistic, colorful, and fun and we delivered those wishes with a playful brand that looks equally snappy in print and on the web. We also designed a series of detailed custom illustrations and tagline graphics to breath life into the brand. 

With the visual aesthetic in place, we took the brand assets and carried them into the design for the web-based application. We did research to pare down the functionality wish list to elements that made the most sense for usability and flow (with future features logged for versions 2.0 and on). Eye Like Design implemented those into the design, before initiating user testing with select beta-testers and individuals in the SaaS and food spaces to round out our project scope.

We love working with the Plenty Lane team and can’t wait to start the meal sharing experience.